Duratia 90 Mg


active ingredientDapoxetine
indicationPremature Ejaculation
manufacturerFortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Duratia 90 Mg
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Common reasons for premature ejaculation are not exactly known. However many health experts think that the common reason for premature ejaculation is depression. The most prevalent health issue we encounter on a daily basis is depression, which is a sad fact. That’s why many of us are facing the problem of premature ejaculation.

Finishing early is one of the reasons for unsatisfied life and unhappy married life. A Duratia 90 mg tablet can be a godsend if you are dealing with the same issue. The Duratia 90 mg tablet helps many men to stay much longer and satisfy their partners. However, you should not buy cheaper versions of the Duratia 90mg tablet.

There are many unauthenticated offline and online sellers who sell medicine that does not have so much efficacy and causes various side effects in the long term. We suggest you buy the medicine from our online store only. The Duratia 90mg tablet had got too many good reviews. That’s why we keep stock of Duratia 90 mg tablets always available in our online store. We will deliver you a Duratia 90mg tablet in a proper cover that will protect your privacy.

Known About Duratia 90mg Tablet

Duratia 90 mg tablet is made by Fortune Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. The company sells only FDA-approved medicines that are safe and licensed. Duratia 90 mg tablets are known for increasing the activity of serotonin activities of sedatives. That’s why the tablet is helpful for keeping you energized for a long time.

How to Take Duratia 90mg Tablet?

You should take Duratia 90mg tablet around one hour before your intended sexual activities. One glass of water and one Duratia 90 mg tablet should be swallowed whole.

How Does Duratia 90mg Tablet Work to Treat ED?

The Dapoxetine formulation is used to make the Duratia 90mg tablet. Your mood will consequently be lifted, and you’ll experience less depression. Due to the tablet’s ability to settle you down, you can go longer between ejaculations.

Duratia tablet also helps you to keep yourself sexually active. That’s why Duratia 90 tablet is also helpful who don’t look for sexual activities often. As Duratia 90mg tablet is also helpful for increasing appetite for sexual activities, it can save relationships.

Use and Benefits of Duratia 90mg Tablet

As mentioned earlier there is no particular health habit that is responsible for erectile dysfunction. Even a healthy person can have this problem. A sedentary lifestyle and a depressing life can be causes of this problem. Many people have less confidence when they intend to have sex.

Hence, you need to take a medicine that can help you to remove your sexual weakness. Also, the medicine should erase your performance-related fear and make you calm. A Duratia 90 mg tablet can do this for you. There are numerous remedies available to address this problem. However, most of the treatment needs several ways to show proper results.

Only a Duratia 90 mg tablet can fix your problem and can show you proper results quickly. The tablet can help you in the long run also. That means you don’t need to take Duratia 90mg tablet every time you are going to have sex for life. You will have a greater performance for a long time after taking a Duratia 90 mg tablet for a few weeks. So, if you want to stay for a long time and satisfy your partner, you should try the medicine.

Dosage of Duratia 90mg Tablet

You need to take one tablet per day. Duratia 90mg tablet is also available in Duratia 30 mgDuratia 60 mg and Duratia 90 mg. Please don’t self-medicate tablets. You can attract some undesirable side effects if you take the wrong dosages.

Missed Dose

There is no need to compensate for missed doses of Malegra 100mgTablet.

Overdose of Duratia 90mg Tablet

Overdosing of this medicine is strictly discouraged by doctors. You won’t get better faster if you take more medication than is recommended. However, it can lead to undesirable Side Effects like dizziness and excessive laziness.

Additional Information about Duratia 90mg Tablet

Duratia 90 mg tablet helps treat this depression also and makes you happy. Duratia 90 mg tablets can lift your mood by increasing latency time for delayed ejaculation. However, using a Duratia 90 mg tablet for solely treating depression should be done only after getting advice from a doctor.

Side Effects of Duratia 90mg Tablet

The 90mg pill of Duratia has various adverse effects. However, these Side Effects are not more severe than the side effects of viagra medicines. The following are negative effects of Duratia 90 mg tablets:

● You can have some headaches after taking a Duratia 90mg tablet. This can happen especially for the first few doses.

● Duratia 90 mg tablets also can increase dizziness.

●  As it can increase the activity of serotonin, it will increase laziness.

●  A Duratia 90 mg tablet can also lower your BP levels. Hence Duratia 90 mg tablet should not be used with BP medicines.

●  Duratia 90 mg tablets can cause nausea. A few folks claimed they felt sick after taking the medication.

●  A few people reported they had stomach upset after taking the medicine.

●  You may have a sleeping problem after using the medicine for a long time.

Warning and Precaution of Duratia 90mg Tablet

  • The tablet will have permanent good results. Hence, if you don’t find too many good results after the first dose, then don’t be discouraged. However, you will feel improvement from the first dosage.
  • Doctors will decide the right amount of dose. All patients do not respond to the same dosage of the Duratia 90 mg tablet.
  • Results of the Duratia 90 mg tablet are really positive and it showed good results for most people. We hope you will also get good results from the Duratia 90mg tablet. But for getting results in the longer-term you should not solely be dependent on medicines. You need to include good habits like running or walking in your life to improve properly and quickly. You should also stop eating processed foods. Try to include healthy foods like vegetables and fruits in your life. These habits will improve your quality of life and help you to recover from this weakness quickly.
  • Using a Duratia 90 mg tablet for years is not suggested. You should take Duratia 90 mg tablet as it is a quick fix of premature ejaculation problem in the short run only. However, by including good habits and a Duratia 90mg tablet in your life, you can recover for life in a few months. Most importantly, the pill is one of the safest options and you will start to see improvement in your performance too much from day 1.
  • If you have ED or impotence related problems, then this medicine will not be enough for you.
  •  Don’t take a Duratia 90mg tablet with alcohol or any soft drinks. This can cause severe health issues like fainting, dizziness.
  • The tablet can interact with several antiviral and antibiotics medicines. You should therefore discuss your underlying health difficulties with your doctor. People with severe kidney and liver issues should avoid the medicine.
  • If you have Bleeding disorders, then you may face problems in clotting after taking the medicine.
  • People with High ocular pressure should avoid the medicine.


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